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Fed: Australian victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Australian victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami

UPDATED: With latest figures from DFAT at 0130 AEDT. Adds names in missing list.

* Ten Australians dead in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

* 12 missing, of concern (nine Thailand, two in Indonesia and one on Nicobar Islands)

* Thirty hospitalised.

* DFAT knows of at least 1,000 Australians in tsunami-affected areas who are unaccounted for.

* Official hotlines have received more than 59,000 calls.

* DFAT is urging anyone with information on relatives unaccounted for or who have confirmed
relatives are safe to contact the department.


Ten Australians confirmed dead. They are:

* Six-month-old girl, Melina Heppell, of Western Australia. Patong Beach, Thailand.

* Paul Giardina, 16, from Rosanna, Melbourne. Phuket, Thailand.

* 58-year-old safety organiser Brian Clayton from Karana Downs, Brisbane. Phuket.

* 39-year-old Sujeewa Kamalasuriya, a dual Australian-Sri Lankan citizen, from Adelaide.

Sri Lanka.

* Magdalena Balachandra, 61, of Canberra. Sri Lanka.

* Catherina van Duren, 81, permanent resident in WA. Thailand.

* Barry Anstee, 52, Queensland businessman. Phuket, Thailand.

* Three-year-old girl from NSW. Thailand.

* 54-year-old Queensland man. Thailand.

* 30-year-old woman, permanent resident. Sri Lanka.


13 Australians missing feared dead:

They include:

* Melbourne AFL player Troy Broadbridge, 24, on his honeymoon. Phuket.

* Cairns high school teacher Kim Walsh. Phuket.

* Jim Sparrow, 68, of Maddington, Perth. Patong.

* Yumi Kloot, of the Gold Coast. Phi Phi Island.

* Katherine-Ann Glinsky. Phuket.

* Sam Green, of Adelaide. Sumatra.

* Dina Fryer, of Brisbane. Phuket.

* Moi and Christian Nott of Sydney. Khao Lok.

* Caroline Rosso, 25, of Brisbane. Patong Beach, Phuket.

* Edward Guinan, 54, former Tasmanian living in Thailand.

* Avadya Berman, 32, and Nikola Liebowitz, 28, former South Africans living in Australia.

Phi Phi.

* Jonathon Hughes. Phi Phi.

* Janice Merrett, 58, Melbourne woman living in Singapore who was travelling to Phuket
for Boxing Day.


* 25 in Thailand.

* 3 in Sri Lanka.

* 1 in the Maldives.

* 1 in India


* Australians concerned about relatives or friends should call 1800 002214.

* Australians in need of consular assistance should contact the consular emergency
centre in Canberra on +61 1300 555 135.

* Australians in need of help in Phuket can contact a temporary consular office in
Phuket's Hilton Hotel, at 333 Thanon Patak (Patak Road), Karon Beach, phone (+66) 76 370

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