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Fed: Hinch gets theatre gig, hopes to return to TV

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Hinch gets theatre gig, hopes to return to TV

By Katherine Field, National Entertainment Writer

SYDNEY, Aug 6 AAP - Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has scored a theatre gig and now has his
sights set on returning to TV.

The 64-year-old is set to be the narrator for The Rocky Horror Show during a four week
stint in Melbourne from mid-September.

Speaking during a walk in Melbourne today, the upbeat radio host said he was feeling
fit and healthy and excited about joining the show.

"Two years ago, you look at pictures of me then and I was nearly dead," Hinch told AAP.

"So anything that happens is good, two years ago I couldn't have done this but I feel
really fit and doctors are really happy with me."

In 2006 Hinch nearly died from blood poisoning and a year later he revealed he was
suffering from advanced cirrhosis due to chronic alcohol abuse.

Hinch is now looking to expand his career as he approaches nearly 50 years in the industry.

"If I was asked to, I'd love to do television again, if something came up," he said.

The former TV current affairs host had a cameo appearance in the hit gangland drama
Underbelly last year, and said he was keen to be part of the second series.

"I enjoyed doing that," he said.

But when it comes to current affairs, Hinch says he's disillusioned.

"I look at current affairs shows in Australia and think they're not current affairs," he said.

"I saw we're making the best potato chips or the best pizzas and I'm thinking holy schmolly.

"They can't find another way to show a woman's boobs, how many wonder bras and sports
bras and exercise bras can you have (stories on)."

Hinch says performing eight shows a week for a month will be quite "gruelling" because
he'll still be doing his radio program during the day.

"I'm very keen to do it, it's a very important role for me because Rocky Horror is
sort of a part of musical history," he said.

"If you muck it up they'll never forgive you. I hope to do it proud."

Hinch said that being part of The Rocky Horror Show brought back fond memories of his
marriage to his former wife of 14 years Jackie Weaver.

"It's funny going back to comedy theatre because years and years ago I spent a lot
of time there because Jackie Weaver was appearing there and playing our song, and I wooed
her there," he said.

"I think I went to comedy theatre, saw the show something like 24 times.

"I know the theatre well from the other side of the footlights."

The Rocky Horror Show opens in Melbourne on September 18.

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