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Arc: Bring on the wind: Fairweather

AAP General News (Australia)
Arc: Bring on the wind: Fairweather

By Tom Wald

ATHENS, Aug 5 AAP - Let it blow.

That is Olympic archery champion Simon Fairweather the men's team event Australia's
best medal chance

David Barnes and Tim Cuddihy

competing in the main stadium from the first modern Olympics in 1896

Panathinaiko Stadium

they leave me behind in the after archery activites

Simon Fairweather

Someone mentioned that their ages together is my age.

best chance

The team and we went into Sydney thinking the team was the best chance and more so
this time as well with teams you have the opportunity to still go well if one of you is
struggling it is pretty rare that all three members having a peak performance

it is a bit of a luxury in that the stress of the event in that not every shot counts
unlike in the individual


I am not going in thinking I am defending the title it was four years ago and A lot
has happened I have had 18 months of retirement and I am going in as a fresh opportunity
and trying to enjoy the event and enjoy the whole Games

I guess that was one of my motivations for wanting to make this team to be abel to
experience an Olympics in Greece and our venue does nothing to belittle that experience

windy venue

also gives you that element of chance as I have been coming into this week shooting
that well it gives me a better chance.

said the venue

Deonne Bridger

Simon winning a gold medal which was really good for us as well especially at club
level and I think Lord of the rings has helped that as well

Simon or Orlando Bloom

I don't know I like Orlando Bloom

David Barnes

an influx of a new beginner and helped lift the profile after that we got a new archery
centre built at the AIS so that is much better than training on the old tennis courts
we used to train with

Simon's role

test event this time last year

Aug last year

last time that was extremely windy but I am not sure that was normal or a once off.

Hopefully it is not too bad this time


we walk down the stairs and through a tunnel and kind of feel like a bit of a gladiator
and walk out onto the stadium so it is fantastic.

the history involed is very exciting to be a an ahlete comeptint ghtere we are excited
and hopefully it will be good for archery

the vision will be brilliant

Watching orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings was fantastic he was just ripping out those
arrows so quick and it was grfeat I want nto shoot like that

Lord of the Rings

Tim Cuddihy

sharing with David Barnes

No choice in that but we have been forced to live with each other nfor weeks on end
so I guess we have to

the last two terms have been a write of

missing school

The archers compete in a ranking round on August 12.

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