Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fed: Democrats to push for fewer retirement entitlements

Fed: Democrats to push for fewer retirement entitlements

The Australian Democrats will push for the cancellation of travel entitlements forretired politicians.

Democrats accountability spokesman ANDREW MURRAY says the controversial retirementtravel allowances are ridiculous and it's time to stop wasting money.

Senator MURRAY says more than $2 million is drawn from government coffers every yearto pay for the personal travel of former parliamentarians and their spouses.

And he's lodged a Notice of Motion in the Senate calling on the government to cancelsuch entitlements.

But Senator MURRAY says the move shouldn't apply to the office of the prime minister.

He says his move is the next critical step towards developing a political environmentin which parliamentarians are respected by the public for their work and not derided fortheir access to and/or abuse of perks.

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