Thursday, March 1, 2012

NBC goes online with Yanks only Olympic video

AAP General News (Australia)
NBC goes online with Yanks only Olympic video

By Dale Paget

GOLD COAST, Aug 8 AAP - American television network NBC has announced it will provide
delayed high quality Internet video and audio broadcasts from the Sydney Olympic Games
- but says only people in the United states will be able to use it.

NBC had previously resisted online broadcasting of the Sydney Games, fearing it would
devalue the television rights it paid $US715 million ($A1.22 billion) for in 1995.

In San Francisco today NBC and its web partner, Quokka, announced a deal with Arizona
based Axient Communications Inc, to provide delayed streaming highlights of the Games.

While the technology is available to provide live online coverage of Olympic events,
the NBC Olympics video and audio Internet service will run for up to 20 minutes a day
and feature reports seen the day before on NBC's already delayed television coverage.

General manager of NBC/Quokka Ventures, Tom Newell said the network would offer full
screen, full speed video and stereo sound over the Internet.

" has the ability to connect with fans like never before," he said.

Viewers could expect "a rich Olympic online viewing experience exclusively within our
broadcast territory".

Axient Communications will use its own technology to limit the delivery of the NBC
Internet coverage to American based broadband computer users. In a press release Axient
said the technology was able to "restrict the territorial footprint of streaming media
to the US marketplace".

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