Thursday, March 1, 2012

TAS: Tas joins demand for health inquiry

AAP General News (Australia)
TAS: Tas joins demand for health inquiry

HOBART, Aug 6 AAP - Tasmania today joined the demand for a Productivity Commission inquiry
into Australia's health system.

Premier Jim Bacon said he was profoundly disappointed that Prime Minister John Howard had
refused the unanimous request by state and territory leaders for an inquiry.

Mr Bacon said that all leaders, regardless of political colours, agreed the health system
was under unsustainable stress.

"It is extremely disappointing the commonwealth would disregard that historic show of unity
by the states and territories," he said.

"The inefficient practices that exist within the health system have to be clearly
identified and addressed.

"Ordinary Australians will pay the price for the commonwealth's refusal to face up to these

Mr Bacon said he could not believe the federal government would commission an inquiry into
gambling, but not into a far more serious problem with implications for the health of all

He said he would seriously consider a proposal for the states to run their own inquiry, but
would have prefered to have acted with the commonwealth.

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