Thursday, March 1, 2012

VIC: McDonalds lose wrapper tax case

AAP General News (Australia)
VIC: McDonalds lose wrapper tax case

Fast-food chain McDonald's has lost a bid to avoid paying sales tax on its food wrappers
and hamburger collars.

The Federal Court has ruled McDonald's only sells take-away food.

In a decision with wide-ranging ramifications for the nation's take-away food industry,
the court has ruled wrappers and collars are taxable.

The ruling followed an appeal by the Commissioner of Taxation against an earlier Federal
Court ruling that wrappers used on food consumed in McDonald's outlets was sales tax exempt.

McDonalds had sought tax exemptions for its collars, wraps, breakfast bases and lids,
apple pie boxes, clamshells, fry bags, fry cartons, hashbrown bags, hashbrown cartons,
McNugget boxes and happy meal boxes.

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